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I do electronic and videogame music as a hobby, I also do commissions, wanna contact me for your project? thapredatormusic@hotmail.com

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PredatorMusic's News

Posted by PredatorMusic - July 11th, 2021

Astrality and Velvatia are finally out now on Spotify and other online stores!

Check it out Astrality: https://open.spotify.com/album/3Q4I1gr7DKoBbwP2kpM1UE?si=xtC_3OSKQZaKbZlmU38m-w&dl_branch=1

Check out Velvatia:


Thank you so much guys for the support! You make this possible!



Posted by PredatorMusic - June 10th, 2021

You guys asked for it, finally I'm going to re-release Astrality and release Velvatia on Spotify +30 other online stores and streaming services!

48 tracks total between 2 albums! Hopefully this works out as planned, so you guys can enjoy my music in your favorite streaming service.

Thank you guys for the enormous support, thank you for the 552 followers here on Newgrounds!! Have a nice day!

*As for the Youtube monetization, we'll see later, since my publisher throws copyright claims everywhere (you can still dispute them as fair use), but for now, I'm going to rely on the Spotify release!

Astrality re-release date: 11-Jul-2021

Velvatia release date: 12-Jul-2021

Announcement Video (check the description for the Tracklists): https://youtu.be/JnTJNeOX0Ew



Posted by PredatorMusic - April 1st, 2021

Hello everybody in this great community! Once again I bring great news with me, TAWBS's OST (or as the album is called, Square Beats) is finally out now! A game made by DTMark.

Check it out: https://predator.bandcamp.com/album/square-beats

(Every single penny goes to my revenue from the game if you guys decide to support!)

Check the last TAWBS Trailer here: https://youtu.be/taxy-7gYSbM

You can also listen to part of the OST on DT Mark' YouTibe channel!

This album features some of my greatest songs to date, I started composing for this project around early 2018, most of the tracks are kinda outdated now but polished and remastered for the album! You might have heard some stuff already, but there's a bunch of tracks that were never released or shown to the public just because we felt that they were so good and wanted them to be exclusive. I also included 13 unrheard tests and iterations, 27 tracks in total.

I hope you guys enjoy, this is one of my most ambitious projects that I've made in the past couple years, sadly, the game got cancelled, but more info on DTMark' post: https://twitter.com/dtmark_/status/1377659864151908359



Posted by PredatorMusic - February 11th, 2021

Hey everyone, hope you are having a great week!

I just wanted to let you know that I've just released Ervo's Adventure OST! I made this back in 2016 as my first OST, the game never saw the light but I still liked some of the songs I made for, so I decided to remaster a bunch of them and release them on an album. Which you can find here:


It is completely free! I'm still proud of these songs, you do not get to listen to a lot of orchestral stuff from me, so this is cool to have out there. Needless to say, excuse some of the mastering, I tried my best to revive most of them, but they're still pretty old for my current standards :). I hope you enjoy it!

On the other hand, there's TAWBS OST, which is coming out really, really, really soon! I'm so excited for that album as well, if you like chiptunes, electronic, boss-themed stuff, you'll love that soundtrack. I've been waiting for so long to share the full OST, I'll keep you guys updated on that!

Anyways guys, thank you so much for the support lately, you are amazing! See ya~




Posted by PredatorMusic - January 19th, 2021

New Album out now! Velvatia is available on Bandcamp right now!


Let me know which of the tracks is your favorite! And I hope you enjoy it, it was a blast to make~



Posted by PredatorMusic - January 17th, 2021

My new album is coming out really soon! In fact, it's coming out in 2 days!

Check out the promo video! [Tracklist in the description]


This album will feature a lot of awesome songs from last year and some resurected bangers from 2017-2018!

The album will come out on bandcamp on January 19th 2021

Also thank you guys for 400 fans! <3



Posted by PredatorMusic - December 15th, 2020

Hello everybody! I hope you guys are having a good time and holydays, today I bring you some news and some topics I want to talk about a bit, such as the copyright stuff going on with Youtube and my album.


So I've decided to take down Astrality from TuneCore, which released it to a bunch of online stores and monetized the videos on Youtube, and also monitored the usage of my tracks on Youtube (automated process that makes copyright claims). This decision was made because of 2 things, the first being that due to todays situation, I can't afford to keep the album online, and I barely made any revenue out of it, meaning it would be a loss of money that I can't really allow right now :/. And the second one being the copyright issue that's been a nightmare this last couple of months, since it's an automated process, it's not controlled by me, and some people do not know how to dispute claims, drives me crazy. I know that I'm now vulnerable to get my music stolen, but I hope that doesn't happen and I encourage you guys, if you come across an upload of my song that's not mine, a copyright claim on your video on my song but not made by me, or anything else related to that, please let me know!

Astrality will remain on Bandcamp forever, since it's the only publisher that I can really control. And of course, if I ever get more audience and the economic situation that I'm living right now calms a bit, I will submit my stuff to Spotify, iTunes, etc. again!

You can check it out and support me here.


The "nameless" album for now is looking good so far! It has 19 songs with a lot of remastered and extended + unreleased songs so far! You guys are going to love this album, I'm aiming for at least 25 songs, and I hope it doesn't take a lot of time. There will be a teaser soon.

I hope you guys liked Bright Moves, Brave, Booty Slapper and the Terminal Series...

As for videogame albums, I don't really have those planned out yet, so more info on that next time!


And to end this post, I want to say thank you to all of you, it has been a great musical year, I learned a lot.

Thank you for over 500 subs on Youtube and over 350 followers on Newgrounds! Thank you for all the frontpages this year mods, and the awesome community that's been helping out with reviews and good comments! I really cannot express my love to you guys <3.

Shoutout to @Derpixon who boosted me a lot and helped on my musical journey!

To @HOJL @Hyenaedon @Blarrgensnorf and @Hypervolt for being epic friends.

To all the Newgrounds staff.

And to @Waterflame for bringing the awesome inspiration.

More music coming soon guys! Thank you <3 and happy holydays!


Added my logo cuz' why not xD



Posted by PredatorMusic - September 2nd, 2020

News news news... this is going to be quite a writing session :/, do you have any popcorn?

Let's start off with the most recent thing.

Battle Above the Clouds has been featured on a Derpixon's short loop! How wholesome! You can check the extended loop here, and without music and in a GIF format here.

This is really cool, that animation is awesome, I love it. Gotta thank you for that opportunity again :).

If you are not following Derpixon, you should!

Now, albums?

Whew, after 2 years or so, I can finally announce that the Hyperstacks OST album is coming very very very soon! In fact, in one freaking week!!




It's going to be released on Bandcamp, for now, since well, Spotify and other online stores charge a yearly thing, that's through my publisher, TuneCore, which is awesome, and back to the topic, I really don't have any money right now to have every album up there, even Astrality that is on most of the online music services isn't getting the attention it needs to be sustainable (which is kinda sad, I think i'm not prepared for online streaming services yet, need more audience that actually listens to it). So I encourage you to go and listen to the remastered versions of those 24 tracks here!

The Hyperstacks album will be completely free, with the option that lets you pay if you want, if you want to support me!


This album will feature 16 remastered tracks, from those, you haven't heard 10 of them ;). They are pretty much my 2018 style with some 2019 here and there. And there are a bunch of other songs for that game that haven't and probably will not see sunlight anytime soon, as well as some variations on existing songs such as -Not so Classy-, which has a non-vocal mix there!

The game is close to release on Steam as well, so might want to go and check that out here!

And to wrap it up with the albums, there is one OST album that might be happening, well, not that soon. TAWBS OST is getting delayed and delayed, those songs are from 2017 - 2019 and I'm pretty sure they will need a proper remaster, there are some of those tracks that I think they are my purest best :D. More info on that next year probably!

The next album is nameless, is going to be like Astrality, featuring the most loved and good songs from 2020 and a couple from past years. I do not have a confirmed tracklist yet, but that is going to be done for around 2022 probably, so... At least I know some of the songs that already have a remastered version and are going to be 100% on the album:


-Dream Island



Now, the "thanks" section...

I got to thank every single follower, we just hit 300 followers here, on Newgrounds! And 300 on Youtube...

2020 has been my best musical year so far, no doubt, I've been Frontpaged 7 freaking times! And one Trophy for 5th place :D. Good amount of views and support from the community, thank you, seriously, this is amazing! I've made new friends throughout this years.

Special shout outs for @Hypervolt @Hyenaedon @HOJL @Blarrgensnorf and @Waterflame , the support and help I've received from them this last months is absolutely amazing! You should check those guys out! They deserve it :)

Now... new PC!

Yep, I'm broke haha, and my current pc sucks ass. I literally almost lost all my files and music, twice! So I'm saving up some money to buy a new pc, based on a GTX 1660s, pre-build because I have no idea on how to buil my pc, I don't want to mess anything up haha, it's going to cost around 1200usd + shipping, so it might take a while :)

I might do more stuff like streaming or showcasing a song + when I finally get it. I'll let you know :D.

And to wrap this news up, some friends and I are starting to build a new Discord server, it's pretty small right now, but we sometimes get on vc, we share our musical wips, gaming stuff... all of that Discord stuff. We are not very active but we plan to have a cool community on a future :).

Join us: https://discord.gg/bQuDVRh

So... yeah! That's basically it :). Remember to check out my commission price list if you want, or send me a pm and we can talk about moozik :). Thank you Newgrounds! Thank you everyone!

See ya~



Posted by PredatorMusic - June 28th, 2020

My profile on Spotify is fixed now, you can follow me there as well if you want to! https://open.spotify.com/artist/5YipZjDsodzMpLgkPvyl3p?si=4Gvzek1eSM6olIz_VHLwcw

Listens on Spotify and other stores help me with an extra push to maintain the Albums there yearly!

My album Astrality is out now! You can listen to it on bandcamp (https://predator.bandcamp.com/album/astrality), if you want you can buy the album to keep the songs forever, and support me!

The album is out on Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon, and over 25+ online stores! (https://open.spotify.com/album/5xn0x4DvDa2QWaSGHUpaPA).


The mapping on some online stores went wrong, I got confused by another guy with the same name :/ so all the songs are linked to his profile NOT to mine, so please just listen to my album, sorry for the inconvenience! This is getting fixed in 1-2 weeks from now, and I'll have my profile verified as well. So remember, the album is mine but it's on someone else's profile haha. I'll let you know whener my profile is up and everything is fixed.

Needless to say, I hope you enjoy this masterpiece! I worked on this for 3 years or so, everything it's remastered and good for your ears! It includes a bunch of fan favorites and relevant songs from the last 4 years. Since it's my first album, please consider sharing it with your friends.

Thank you for these amazing couple of years, you deserve this and more!





Posted by PredatorMusic - June 5th, 2020

Hello everyone! I'm back from the cave, I have very important news right here about the album I'm releasing.

It's called Astrality, it will feature 24 remastered tracks, including 3 album exclusives! It will be available in 30+ online stores, and will be available on Bandcamp starting at 99mxn (or 4usd according to the conversion), if you want to help!

The release date is 6.28.20 / June 28th of 2020.

I've been working on this album since 2016 really, and now that I have finally the ability, or perhaps, the audience and talent to be heard, it's time to expand! I will make an extra effort to keep it live for many years :).

This is really important to me, it means a lot! I even commissioned the art this time, I love it!

You can listen to the teaser here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0KARMln5UI

That being said, I've got to thank you also for 261 followers! We are almost 300, lets go :D. And thank you to Newgrounds for having such awesome communities around.