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News! And plans...

Posted by PredatorMusic - September 2nd, 2020

News news news... this is going to be quite a writing session :/, do you have any popcorn?

Let's start off with the most recent thing.

Battle Above the Clouds has been featured on a Derpixon's short loop! How wholesome! You can check the extended loop here, and without music and in a GIF format here.

This is really cool, that animation is awesome, I love it. Gotta thank you for that opportunity again :).

If you are not following Derpixon, you should!

Now, albums?

Whew, after 2 years or so, I can finally announce that the Hyperstacks OST album is coming very very very soon! In fact, in one freaking week!!




It's going to be released on Bandcamp, for now, since well, Spotify and other online stores charge a yearly thing, that's through my publisher, TuneCore, which is awesome, and back to the topic, I really don't have any money right now to have every album up there, even Astrality that is on most of the online music services isn't getting the attention it needs to be sustainable (which is kinda sad, I think i'm not prepared for online streaming services yet, need more audience that actually listens to it). So I encourage you to go and listen to the remastered versions of those 24 tracks here!

The Hyperstacks album will be completely free, with the option that lets you pay if you want, if you want to support me!


This album will feature 16 remastered tracks, from those, you haven't heard 10 of them ;). They are pretty much my 2018 style with some 2019 here and there. And there are a bunch of other songs for that game that haven't and probably will not see sunlight anytime soon, as well as some variations on existing songs such as -Not so Classy-, which has a non-vocal mix there!

The game is close to release on Steam as well, so might want to go and check that out here!

And to wrap it up with the albums, there is one OST album that might be happening, well, not that soon. TAWBS OST is getting delayed and delayed, those songs are from 2017 - 2019 and I'm pretty sure they will need a proper remaster, there are some of those tracks that I think they are my purest best :D. More info on that next year probably!

The next album is nameless, is going to be like Astrality, featuring the most loved and good songs from 2020 and a couple from past years. I do not have a confirmed tracklist yet, but that is going to be done for around 2022 probably, so... At least I know some of the songs that already have a remastered version and are going to be 100% on the album:


-Dream Island



Now, the "thanks" section...

I got to thank every single follower, we just hit 300 followers here, on Newgrounds! And 300 on Youtube...

2020 has been my best musical year so far, no doubt, I've been Frontpaged 7 freaking times! And one Trophy for 5th place :D. Good amount of views and support from the community, thank you, seriously, this is amazing! I've made new friends throughout this years.

Special shout outs for @Hypervolt @Hyenaedon @HOJL @Blarrgensnorf and @Waterflame , the support and help I've received from them this last months is absolutely amazing! You should check those guys out! They deserve it :)

Now... new PC!

Yep, I'm broke haha, and my current pc sucks ass. I literally almost lost all my files and music, twice! So I'm saving up some money to buy a new pc, based on a GTX 1660s, pre-build because I have no idea on how to buil my pc, I don't want to mess anything up haha, it's going to cost around 1200usd + shipping, so it might take a while :)

I might do more stuff like streaming or showcasing a song + when I finally get it. I'll let you know :D.

And to wrap this news up, some friends and I are starting to build a new Discord server, it's pretty small right now, but we sometimes get on vc, we share our musical wips, gaming stuff... all of that Discord stuff. We are not very active but we plan to have a cool community on a future :).

Join us: https://discord.gg/bQuDVRh

So... yeah! That's basically it :). Remember to check out my commission price list if you want, or send me a pm and we can talk about moozik :). Thank you Newgrounds! Thank you everyone!

See ya~