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This was the best love/hate story ever!

I really like that this piece still has the fresh happy vibes from the original Jumper. But now is the combo of you newest styles vs an essence of your 2012 dope styles. Like this is the child of Jumper/Slipping into Madness!!

I still don't know how much time it takes to makes this awesome synths and samples sound so perfect, I guess its all these years of experience!

Talking about that weird vibrato synth, its similar to the one in Theme of Skyworld in some way. Also if you tell me "HEY PREDATOR, this is my newest Skyworld Track and has no name", I'll totally understand why, this has a Skyworld vibe on it!

Overall, this is a good happy piece, a good happy piece that is the perfect example of what I personally miss (old styles), and a good happy piece to let Jumper rest in peace.

There's going to be a Jumper 3? Maybe not with that name, but remember Waterflame, Jumper is present in a lot of your tracks! (Superfunky? Hahaha)

Anyways, thanks for this awesome song!

Yo, this is awesome! It's so chill overall but it maintains the DnB classic drum patterns. Everything is very well mixed, very well "distributed" stereo wise. It also really brings a really cool atmosphere! The sporadic fx you added in is key for this song to be as good as it is imo. It lets the music flow but at the same time makes it constant, less repetitive!

Very well done, 5/5

GD apart, this is one of your best works to date imo. I really love this type of DnB! Really catchy.

Oh man this is really cool. Brings back memories from undertale and idk why the first zelda games!

Where's the 6th star????

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Hey, thanks a lot!
I can see why, we used plenty of retro sounds after all :D
We've very glad you enjoyed it ^____^

This is actually really good, but you still need to work on your volume/peak control. Also, try to use the paramedic eq (on FL) to make the high pitched sounds less ear raping (in a good manner man <3).

But overall good composition!


DJRadiocutter responds:

Yeah, idk, since there was no good bass sound I found that fit, the high end was pretty loud, because there was no bass to make it sound very balanced, but I enjoyed the composition period of the track all in all, so thanks :)

Overdose of happyness, this song makes depression disappear!

Hyenaedon responds:

Pretty much the plan, lol =P

This is honestly the best orquestral piece I’ve heard here on Newgrounds. So... tranquility style! I was wondering which vst plugin/anything musical you used for this? You nailed it, great job.

Its a bit, weird. In my opinion. But hey, this isnt bad for a first track! I would suggest changing the drum sounds completely, also, eq them so they dont sound to noisy/harsh on your ears. Also, you can use a compressor so they wont lower the volume on the other instruments.

The "pad" you used in the song sounds good to me, brings the adequate vibes to the song itself, but it sounds so distorted, I wont complaint a lot on this one since its really good on the song... I will only recommend maybe the use of a reverb? Just to make a better atmosphere...

The melodies you used are well constructed through out the song, nice one there.

Overall, nice job man, BUT you need to get better in production, I'll scout you and I hope to see better stuff from you in the future!

3.5 / 5

Spelunky-Gaming responds:

Yo, Thanks For The Feedback! I’ll Definitely Take This Into Account.

I really enjoyed this song, the vocals shouts are great (personally, I really enjoy those). But I think it gets a bit too repetitive for me (maybe im not used a lot to this genre?). A thing I want to point out is the type of kick-drum and snare, I really dont think the ones you used here are too "good" for the track, maybe they sound a bit to generic? Also they need to be eq a little bit, on my ears. But yeah overall, 4 / 5. Nice work, keep at it!

I'll scout you, I hope to see better tracks from you in the future :D

PhorHead responds:

Thank you so much man! This song has been out for a bit on other platforms, I'm just starting to upload them here, and I assure you that the tunes get better

I really dont like the original song, I really hate it D:

But man, you nailed it in this remix, its really well produced, great great job :D

4.5 / 5 (took the .5 because of the hate I have to the original song, not your fault)

Keep it up!

Cleivent responds:

Thanks man, that means a lot

I do electronic and videogame music as a hobby, I also do commissions, wanna contact me for your project? thapredatormusic@hotmail.com

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