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PredatorMusic's News

Posted by PredatorMusic - December 10th, 2022


First of all, I have to thank this awesome and magnificent community for 1.000 followers! I never thought I would reach this many, it makes me really really happy and motivates me to keep going!

This year has been full of music, I could feel myself improving with every song, I'm still pursuing that dream of becoming a full time videogame/animation composer, so thanks again, one thousand thanks to everyone that keeps helping me achieve that, for real, y'all are AMAZING!


Fortunately, this probably was my best year related to music, not a lot of -jobs- but thanks to Newgrounds and the Frontpages I've been staying afloat in terms of listeners and smaller scale commissions.

I did music for:

Koa: A Gluttonous Wizard (alpha) [check out the OST on Spotify]

Chocupixel [check out the OST on Spotify]

I'm still working on Squirrel Bytes Hyperstacks, I made 8 tracks (and still making more!) this year for them, and I'm super excited to show you guys those songs!

I also made another commissioned track that I still haven't shared here, hopefully soon!

And last but not least, I participated on this year's ADVENT, you can check that out right now! :D

That was pretty much it, not a lot but it was all honest work <3

If you guys want music for your project, I'm open for work!

But now, talking about my [personal] life situation...

This probably was one of the worst years of my life, from start to finish.

I'm emotionally drained, and really tired of so many stuff. I'm officially a dropout student, and I can't really see myself joining back college soon, mainly because i can't really afford it right now, and don't have the sufficient skills to get a scholarship anywhere, but oh well, that can be fixed by being patient and trying again I guess, I just have to wait.

Another thing that happened was that I lost all of my irl friends, not a huge biggie since I hardly shared anything in common with them. I makes me feel alone but nothing I can’t really handle, and thankfully I do have some online friends that I love and support. Which kinda takes me to this other thing, losing a really important friendship. That has me in a state of depression that I can't really explain or move on as easily due to my current emotional state, one day you open your heart and start caring for someone that in the end can easily replace you when they feel complete, or emotionally better in some way. It's scary how you don't even expect depression and it just... hits you, and you are so alone in life that the struggle to get out of that hell-hole is very much real.

But I'm still here to bring you interesting music!

I also should mention that I'm still jumping from place to place, hopefully this year I can land and be stable and get my own place.


First I gotta thank the Newgrounds staff for the Frontpages, every song I uploaded this year was actually Frontpaged! Thank you!

I would say the highlights of the year were:

My song She Storm, which is probably one of the most meaningful songs I've made, it really shows how bad those times were by those experimental and emotional melodies.

Derpi Rush, a hyperactive/chaotic song that makes me happy~ haha, it was made for AND inspired by Cutsu-Art!

And of course Snowygrounds, the song I made for the ADVENT

You can check out my latest song, Goth Pirates! A song inspired by Castle Crashers, and dedicated to Newgrounds <3


You guys should check out my broskis from RadTunez





and HOJL

I've been listening to TeraVex, Milkypossum and Troisnyx a lot! Check them out if you haven't!

Shoutout to TomFulp and Waterflame!

I think that's it for now, thank you everyone again for all the support, may the next year be better for all of us~



Posted by PredatorMusic - October 29th, 2022


My album Distortia is out now!

You can listen to it on Spotify HERE, it's also out on various other streaming services!

This album is very special for me, and I would appreciate if you guys listen to it, I hope you like it!!

Check out the Youtube playlist!

You can also get it on Bandcamp for free.


I'll be uploading the songs to Youtube as well in the next week!


We made a sickkk collaboration for Halloween, gogogogogo check it outttt!!!


Thank you for the Frontpage again!!


YESSSSS I'm open for work!! Just tell me your budget and we can arrange something ;)

Check out my PORTFOLIO!!

Hyperstacks OST

I've been making so many good tunes for this game, I want to share them so badly. The game will be out soon and you'll get them sick beatz as soon as that's done :D


Thank you, yes, you! You that have been supporting me and my music, thank you. Thanks to Newgrounds for being the most awesome website in the entire universe. Thanks to my subs on Youtube and my followers on Spotify too!

I'll see ya' around~



Posted by PredatorMusic - May 2nd, 2022

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great day/night.


I redesigned my Spotify Artist page, finally added missing music and missing albums I had on Bandcamp, as well as some exclusive tracks for you guys to enjoy. I'm averaging around 40 - 60 monthly listeners atm, it's great, thank you so much guys, I will keep posting stuff on Spotify as singles and albums, but I will still be uploading stuff here for higher quality downloads ^^

Check it out!

Listening to my tracks there helps me a lot, helps me achieve my dream of becoming a full time composer, thanks again!


Yeah! I'm still open for commissions! Want music for your game or animation? Send me a PM or an email, I usually respond within 1-3 business days.

I'm trying to keep my prices as cheap as possible for what I do and I'm capable of, so maybe, think about it!

Here's my portfolio playlist


I'm still bouncing around places, unstable af, but getting better every day :)

So that's it for now, thank you so much for 830+ followers on Newgrounds, I owe you a lot. And thank you for 1.2k subs on YouTube!

Catch ya' later.



Posted by PredatorMusic - February 1st, 2022

Hello everyone! I'm finally re-opening commissions for small scale projects/future large projects. I finally have time to work on music more than I used to since I dropped out of college (for now), I got a part time job (yay?) and I basically live under my own rules now (hell yeah!). The commission slots will remain open until I get bigger projects or more than one commission at the time.

What can I do?

I can make a variety of genres and styles. I'm most comfortable making electronic, techno, club, chiptune, orchestral breakbeat, rock and experimental atmospheric, all included in the wide genre of "videogame music".

Experience? Of course!

I've been making music for 8+ years now. I've worked with multiple videogame developers throughout the years, and have made multiple OSTs for their games. The most ambitious being Hyperstacks and TAWBS.

You can check out my Portfolio playlist here, where I showcase some examples of my work.

Prices? I got you!

Here's the current price list for February 2021:

Full length track - $150usd (3 - 6 min)

Half length track - $100usd (1 - 3 min)

Short loop - $50 (30s - 1 min)


Ask for availability.

For bigger projects, contact me and we will discuss it over mail or PM's.

The prices for existing song remasters or edits will depend on the hours I spent making that song.

All commissions use open contracts, meaning I can still use my own music for my own purposes. If you want an exclusive contract license, meaning that only you can use the song, contact me, specify and we will find a price.

Please include information about the project like the number of tracks needed, length and deadlines.


You can contact me via mail: predatormusic.contact@gmail.com

Or send me a Private Message here!

Thank you! And thank you Newgrounds and Youtube people and staff for the continuous support, you all are amazing!

Newest song :D



Posted by PredatorMusic - December 30th, 2021

Hey Newgrounds! I hope y'all are having good holidays and healthy lives. This will be my last post of the year + album news, song news and some life updates.

My new life

So first of all, lets start with my current life situation. I just moved to a new place, finally on my own, it has been a struggle, I've been feeling pretty off, empty and lonely these last months, but I'm getting used to it, finally being a responsible/productive human being, and I guess life is that way sometimes, it kinda has to happen.

I'm still working on music quite constantly, since one of my life goals is to do music for a living, idk if I'm in the right path though.


Moving on, my next big album Monolith is coming out in 1 week! 1/7/22

Here's the official tracklist:

1. Vermin Station (Exclusive)

2. Cloud District

3. Northstar

4. Streetbreaks

5. Risk Beats (Exclusive)

6. Sunny

7. Pianoforte (Re-release/Remastered)

8. Mouse in the House (Exclusive)

9. Aeropolis

10. Drip Swing

11. Slime Factory

12. Spectral Dunes

13. City of Discord

14. Hyenapolis

15. Angelopolis

16. Realms (Exclusive)

17. Time

18. Skyless

19. Distant Sun (Exclusive)

20. Monolith

21. Xyphonsphere

22. Vulkansphere

23. Omega

24. Breakin'

25. Morphine

26. Wavy Fox

27. Western Intermission (Exclusive)

28. Badlands

29. Terminal Destroy

30. Heartcore City (Exclusive)

30 tracks clustered in one place, awesome! It will be out on Spotify, Apple Music, and other digital platforms! It will also have a release on Bandcamp if you want to support me and my music!



Next up we have the Friday Night Funkin' Voltagen Showdown OST! Coming out really soon too! This is a collaborative OST I did with my friend @Hyenaedon earlier this year, it was a lot of fun, we did a lot of crazy experiments with styles, even an almost "raw" rock song for one of the bosses!

And last but not least, the Hyperstacks Vol. 2 album! That will include the latest, remastered tracks from the last updates of the game, pretty cool stuff!


2022 expectations

I want to do bigger stuff this upcoming year, bigger game projects, small ost's, even scores for animations! Lets hope that the opportunities arrive, I'm staying positive ;)

More single tracks are coming as well, I'll try to work more on the visuals for my tracks as well, I've been learning a lot about visuals and fx!

Thank you so much, I love the NG community, thank you so much for the Frontpages this year! I owe you my career.

We also made it guys, we got the Official Artist Channel on YT!


I hope you guys are enjoying your day/night, see you around!

Take care~



Posted by PredatorMusic - July 11th, 2021

Astrality and Velvatia are finally out now on Spotify and other online stores!

Check it out Astrality: https://open.spotify.com/album/3Q4I1gr7DKoBbwP2kpM1UE?si=xtC_3OSKQZaKbZlmU38m-w&dl_branch=1

Check out Velvatia:


Thank you so much guys for the support! You make this possible!



Posted by PredatorMusic - June 10th, 2021

You guys asked for it, finally I'm going to re-release Astrality and release Velvatia on Spotify +30 other online stores and streaming services!

48 tracks total between 2 albums! Hopefully this works out as planned, so you guys can enjoy my music in your favorite streaming service.

Thank you guys for the enormous support, thank you for the 552 followers here on Newgrounds!! Have a nice day!

*As for the Youtube monetization, we'll see later, since my publisher throws copyright claims everywhere (you can still dispute them as fair use), but for now, I'm going to rely on the Spotify release!

Astrality re-release date: 11-Jul-2021

Velvatia release date: 12-Jul-2021

Announcement Video (check the description for the Tracklists): https://youtu.be/JnTJNeOX0Ew



Posted by PredatorMusic - April 1st, 2021

Hello everybody in this great community! Once again I bring great news with me, TAWBS's OST (or as the album is called, Square Beats) is finally out now! A game made by DTMark.

Check it out: https://predator.bandcamp.com/album/square-beats

(Every single penny goes to my revenue from the game if you guys decide to support!)

Check the last TAWBS Trailer here: https://youtu.be/taxy-7gYSbM

You can also listen to part of the OST on DT Mark' YouTibe channel!

This album features some of my greatest songs to date, I started composing for this project around early 2018, most of the tracks are kinda outdated now but polished and remastered for the album! You might have heard some stuff already, but there's a bunch of tracks that were never released or shown to the public just because we felt that they were so good and wanted them to be exclusive. I also included 13 unrheard tests and iterations, 27 tracks in total.

I hope you guys enjoy, this is one of my most ambitious projects that I've made in the past couple years, sadly, the game got cancelled, but more info on DTMark' post: https://twitter.com/dtmark_/status/1377659864151908359



Posted by PredatorMusic - February 11th, 2021

Hey everyone, hope you are having a great week!

I just wanted to let you know that I've just released Ervo's Adventure OST! I made this back in 2016 as my first OST, the game never saw the light but I still liked some of the songs I made for, so I decided to remaster a bunch of them and release them on an album. Which you can find here:


It is completely free! I'm still proud of these songs, you do not get to listen to a lot of orchestral stuff from me, so this is cool to have out there. Needless to say, excuse some of the mastering, I tried my best to revive most of them, but they're still pretty old for my current standards :). I hope you enjoy it!

On the other hand, there's TAWBS OST, which is coming out really, really, really soon! I'm so excited for that album as well, if you like chiptunes, electronic, boss-themed stuff, you'll love that soundtrack. I've been waiting for so long to share the full OST, I'll keep you guys updated on that!

Anyways guys, thank you so much for the support lately, you are amazing! See ya~




Posted by PredatorMusic - January 19th, 2021

New Album out now! Velvatia is available on Bandcamp right now!


Let me know which of the tracks is your favorite! And I hope you enjoy it, it was a blast to make~