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HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Dude this was awesome!!! Great job

Yooo this is cool! Nice one :D

Oh noes... im a sock

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Awesome! Great job :D

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This one is sooo cool! Good luck :D

Tomhson responds:

Thank you!

This sounds amazing!

First of all, the sound quality on this one is great, 5/5 on that.

The piano break around 1:00 reminded me of Harry Potter haha idk why, but fits well in there.

The section at 1:28 is a little weird but still fits in the song, idk if it's intended to sound as calm as you made it, but I'll suggest a little more "punch" next time, just to make it a little bit more epic!

2:43, again for the last section of the song is great, but yeah I'll still suggest a little more kick power here and there.

Overall, this sounds really amazing, great composition and melodies. Im not a judge and im not the best at criticism haha, but hope this helps!

Very good job :D

Spadezer responds:

Thanks for the review, always appreciated! Dang more power on the kick? Lol I thought I was already getting a little carried away. The 1:28 I wanted to feel like a hushed energy, so I guess calm maybe is not the best word I was looking for it, but I see what you're saying.

Even if it's not criticism, I still am very curious about what people are hearing in my songs. Some perspectives are a bit different and it's always fun to see that. I like seeing what jumps out to people. Thanks again!

This is so peaceful yet surprisingly epic, reminds me a bit of Zelda idk.

Great work!! And good luck on NGADM

SourJovis responds:

Thank you! I like your description of the song! I hadn't made the connection to Zelda yet, but that perhaps because I've only fully played 2 Zelda games. I like the mood of the games so I think it's a nice compliment.

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Holy sh*t this is actually scary! OMG this inspired me to do a Nightmare-ish track!!

Great work

This is awesome! Great job.

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