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Haha it was funny! Great job :)

Brick-Productions responds:

Thanks for watching and for the positive feedback!!
Be sure to catch the last sode of Sketchy tomorrow!

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Awesome! Great job :D

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I always love those chill atmospheres you have!

The drums remind me to those drums in Atom Sampler, they sound so realistic.

At this point tou should totally do an album featuring all the chill/dusty songs you’ve made. Or maybe a mix, you know?

Anyways, GG Waterflame, nice nostalgic melodies you have here. 5/5

Waterflame responds:

Thanks man!
Yeah, I think ive mentioned it but, all my major "series" are eventually going to become albums.
And yeah I make a point of it in these kinds of tracks to emphasize the live elements of the recordings.

1:10 vocal sample is perfect haha

The stereo method you used for that is truly impressive! Gives me chills, idk what sample you used but its SOOO clean!

5 months + and this track is still awesome!

Waterflame responds:

Thank you! :) Its just some stereo-positioning : D But the sample was very clean to begin with so I did not have to mask it.

This was the best love/hate story ever!

I really like that this piece still has the fresh happy vibes from the original Jumper. But now is the combo of you newest styles vs an essence of your 2012 dope styles. Like this is the child of Jumper/Slipping into Madness!!

I still don't know how much time it takes to makes this awesome synths and samples sound so perfect, I guess its all these years of experience!

Talking about that weird vibrato synth, its similar to the one in Theme of Skyworld in some way. Also if you tell me "HEY PREDATOR, this is my newest Skyworld Track and has no name", I'll totally understand why, this has a Skyworld vibe on it!

Overall, this is a good happy piece, a good happy piece that is the perfect example of what I personally miss (old styles), and a good happy piece to let Jumper rest in peace.

There's going to be a Jumper 3? Maybe not with that name, but remember Waterflame, Jumper is present in a lot of your tracks! (Superfunky? Hahaha)

Anyways, thanks for this awesome song!

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This is awesome! Great job.

Freelance videogame composer. I've made music for Ervo's Adventure, TAWBS and Hyperstack. Contact me on my mail: thapredatormusic@hotmail.com


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