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2020 PLANS

Posted by PredatorMusic - December 30th, 2019

Hello everyone! It's your boy Preds once again, before the year... decade ends. I have some stuff to talk about.

First of all, I got to thank every single person that listens to my stuff, each of my followers, my incredible friends @HOJL, @Blarrgensnorf, @Hypervolt and @Hyenaedon, and the awesome guys @Waterflame and @DTMark. For making this year the best one so far, all the opportunities, and inspirations everyone gave me. Whenever someone takes the time to vote, or to write a simple review, it makes me so happy, it feels incredible! Got to thank also @TaintedLogic, a lot of my improvements come from his words. Again, thank you everyone who supported me and who took the time to listen to my music! <3

Whew, that out the way, I have some important news...

TAWBS and Pixel Day 2020 - Aww yeah baby, new TAWBS song incoming, and it is going to be a participant submission at 2020 Pixel Day edition, this year I got 2nd place and I hope I can win this one incoming, let me tell you, this song has potential... of course! It's from TAWBS <3

2020 Album News - This baby it's going to be my first album of the year, and my first one to be on several online stores and streaming services, I have a lot of hope on that one!

It will be out... hopefully mid February/late March... this is because...

Next topic... I'm going to college.

I know, it's fairly great, but it means I wont have as much time as I do now to compose music :c. I want to do well there.

That means that there might be less uploads next year, since i'm still working on big projects, and they will be priority.

BUT HEY! That means 400% more quality on the newer submissions, since thay will take extra, EXTRA time...

Whew, with that said.

I hope you have a fantastic 2020, thanks again for the attention and love I got this year. I fucking love y'all <3

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Edit: Also I forgot to thank whomever is in charge of Frontpaging stuff, I got 2 Frontpages this year! (Turbo Universe and Encounter)



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Thanks for the shout-out, man! Reviewing music on NG is my pleasure. Good to hear about your album and college plans. Do you know which school you're going to yet? Either way, good luck with everything. Here's to 2020. ^^

No problem! Always a pleasure to have you around. Not yet! I’m still deciding between 2 options :)