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So happy!!!!

How do you even mix this, is perfect!!!!

Very great job as always mate!

Waterflame responds:

Thanks :D I spent a loooong time on this mix. But I mixed it like I always do these days, a EQ on every single little sound. all tweaked individually, forever, until it sounds good enough. This just turned out a lot cleaner! Mostly because it is not focused on bass, something uncommon for me, lol

WOW, straight to favorites... you really impressed me with this one, really good work.
The sounds are neat, the mix is perfect.
It reminds me of a Videogame (a cinematic)

Skiddle responds:

O.O Thank you so much dude! <3 I greatly appreciate your super kind words :3

Why this has so little views?! Straight to favorites. Just that, great job!

DJRadiocutter responds:

Lol :D

Hey! Im here to see what you got this time m8!

So at the beginning of the song... that chip-beat man I love it! Right after you intoduced some melodies I didn't quite liked, but you managed to make them sound good for the track. I suggest adding a "plot" to the song, its just my personal vision. Man the chipstep you introduced at 2:25 its super cool.
You should make different variations to the melody to make the track feel catchy!

Overall, I liked the song... the composition and your mastering skills are good!

Keep it up :)

DJRadiocutter responds:

Thanks :D i didn't really spend Too much time on this... but i liked the outcome anyway :D

Thanks again!

As aleays, great! Good job on this one m8, keep doing this awesome stuff!

Waterflame responds:

Thank you!

Really sweet, nice and awesome sounds, my new favorite track of yours!!!! Ft. McGorilla42?????? WOW so... John + Ethansight + Mc Gorilla... = Awesomeness

Great job, and good luck in this round!

johnfn responds:

whoa, hyper fast review! thanks man! =D

Holy sh*t, this is amazing!!! Good luck in the competition ^^

Groovy!!! Super cool track, ultra good mix and masterism, everything cool, if I lose this round, I swear you are winning NGADM. I definitely love this track, good luck!

10 Gorillas out of 10 Gorillas

-Your friendly neighbor Predator

McGorilla42 responds:

Aw, you're too sweet, Mr Predator. I can't wait to see the results because I feel like this will be a close match up! The contest is hot from this point onward, but anything can happen! :D I wish you all the best :)

I really like your style! You deserve even more views and followers!

You got a lot of talent, keep it up! Best of luck in Round 3

1f1n1ty responds:

Hey, Predator! Thanks for dropping by

I'm actually fairly satisfied with the amount of exposure I have right now. I can't stop more people from coming, but dang.

MAN! I love this song, all this energy, I feel like in a medieval adventure. Really neat, best of luck in Round 3!

johnfn responds:

thanks mang, and same to you!! =]

I do electronic and videogame music as a hobby, I also do commissions, wanna contact me for your project? thapredatormusic@hotmail.com

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