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This is awesome! I can feel the aggressiveness on this (I hope it's not towards your fellow contestants haha). This is a really cool mix between dubstep and rock, which is really rare to hear nowadays. Well, congrats on this track, and good luck...


LunyAlex responds:

Hey man, thank you very much.

Thankfully no, the aggressiveness is not towards my bracket colleagues. :D It's probably just pent up 2020 angst, hah.
Thank you for the nice words and best of luck to you too!

This is so good!

Mackievellian responds:


Aww yeah! This rocks, congrats on 1st place!

We are Frontpaged bros :)

Really epic McBeanos man!

This is nice, but I feel like the drums need a little bit more reverb, since yes, you have created a nice soundscape and ambiance stuff, but the drums lack that mood, they feel like added on top of the mix and makes the rest sound a bit weak, specially the snare. The song overall is good, I like the instrumentation that you chose and how the melodic pads accompany each other. Oh, and also, some of the frequencies are a bit loud, specially the lower ones, you might want to eq that, since they take a lot of the kick power and ambiance resolution.

Overall, this is kinda sub-par for you but still good, keep at it :)

Hyenaedon responds:

yuh my next synthwave stuff will be a lot more polished :()

Wow this is really weird but it's incredibly awesome, the sounds you choose for this are oddly magnificent, everything goes well with everything. Nice job

Jacob responds:

Thanks a load, man! Given how cool your sound design is, that means a lot.

This orchestral piece is really good! I really appreciate the sound production and quality here.

pftq responds:

Thanks! Funny to see you here too.

My dudes! Congrats on the Frontpage :D

Again, this is a really solid track, I really like the atmosphere it creates, and it’s transition to different locations. The FM vibes were really well achieved, mastering is very good, actually. You really deserve to be frontpaged, more people will come and discover how awesome you guys truly are! Keep it up bois ^_^

This is some quality right here! Awesome as always, you never disappoint me :D

Sounds good for a menu theme for a Knight themed game!

Hyenaedon responds:

That would fit super well honestly, kinda what i was goin for 😎

I do electronic and videogame music as a hobby, I also do commissions, wanna contact me for your project? thapredatormusic@hotmail.com

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