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It's like Skyworld but happier! And I see you are playing around with tempo again :D.

Man! Welcome back, and I welcome your old happy 2012-ish style again! It really reminds me to the old Waterflame! Like FlyBoy & GabberGirl with Naive or Velvet Hiccups or something like that.

Hope you are doing good these days! And heck... I was about to release a song myself haha, what a day!

Really retro! Nice!

What an absolute banger! Really well done, friend. It’s been a while since your last submission, welcome back!

Honestly, this is one of your best works production/mixing wise, the way you play with the tempo and odd drums is absolutely insane, how can you have such creativity. This feels like if Atom Sampler had a baby with Relentless, and Viscid was the “other” boyfriend... (wtf ok you get it right? lmao). Anyways, the reggae vocals and the neat bassline makes it up for a funky dark hiphop song! Thank you for bringing the vocals again into your music!

Waterflame responds:

Haha, yeah I get it :D Its a pretty perfect description actually, it has that same pointy dry quality as relentless. And yeah It was time playing with some vocals again, had a blast with this one honestly. Thank you!

This is like your old vocal samples styles (kinda 2011-2012) mixed with your 2016-2018 styles! That bass is tasty, it feels so clubby!
The great about your style is that your drops doesn’t need a loud growl to make them exiting, you just add a sexy sax and well placed vocal nonsense and there you go.
Really neat man!

What a happy beat! Really nice :D

RealMrSnuggles responds:

Thank you!

Really neato!! B)

Wow! This is great <3

This is pretty nice! It's like a flowing dnb, I really like the fact that each section goes well along the others.

Pretty solid job!

Noisysundae responds:

"Thanks but seeing something as good or bad is always subjective, man. I won't call it a fact. Anyway, your comment seems to confirm that it's fine to make a repetitive arrangement sometimes. :)" — The Manager

This is pretty solid! I like it. Nice remix :D

I do electronic and videogame music as a hobby, I also do commissions, wanna contact me for your project? thapredatormusic@hotmail.com

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